1 to 8 week learning programs

We create a tailor made, authentic Torah learning experience in a comfortable, warm and open environment. The topics and subjects to be studied are based on the students' own requests, and the teachers are approachable on any topic.

The students are given an opportunity to analyze classic Jewish texts and are encouraged to add their own input and apply the text to their personal lives. We cater for many different levels, from the more advanced student who has Hebrew skills and can learn Talmud and Chumash in Hebrew, to the student who needs English translations and extra help. We have experience working with all age groups, and have taught students from many different countries around the world.

In the afternoons and evenings the schedule is more varied with different forums of interactive and integrated learning experiences such as;

Tanach Tiyulim - where the student hikes while learning the verses of the Bible pertaining to the place they are walking through.

Halacha Workshops - experiential halacha classes including trips to a tefillin factory industrial kitchens, The Institute of Halacha and Technology etc. (see this section of our website).

Tea and Torah - A cozy class in the Rabbi and Rebbetzin's home where the students' can grapple openly with issues of belief.

Our aim and goal is to help the students develop both on a spiritual level and as a human being. We hope that by giving them the tools to analyze, experience and  internalize the beautiful and rich texts of the Torah, we will be giving them the chance to lead a more meaningful life in the future.